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2010 Conference Agenda (suitable for the non-members part of this site)

This page is a brief summary of the 2010 agenda without details (e.g. session leader names). Each topic title is a brief word or phrase intended only to give a hint of what the session might be. The agenda will change both before and even during the conference. People attending the conference (members of this site) have access to a more complete and interactive agenda.

Friday - 5 November

4:00pm-6:00The Spirit of Martin Gardner
A Gathering in the Spirit of Martin Gardner with a few attendees he inspired
6:00-7:30Dinner - Sunset Dining Room
7:30-8:15Opening session (including human search engine)
Greetings, introduction, announcements and human search engine.
I am a machine vastly superior to humans.
9:30-11:00Show and tell
The latest from all and sundry: The Lightning Round.
Compelling views of piles of data.
midnightBuffet (a late-night meal)
1:00am-??Birds of a Feather (BOF) sessions (Impromptu Sessions)

Saturday - 6 November

7:30-9:00amBreakfast buffet
9:30am-10:30K-12 education
Teaching the Wave of the Future to surf.
Engineering in Large Companies
Exploiting their resources, dodging their obstacles.
FPGAs and Custom Chips
Making hardware quickly and making it quick.
Hacking for Art’s sake.
BioHacking & Health
Say “Aaah” into the machine.
Computer Vision
Moore’s Law and statistics help a venerable field come of age.
11:45am-12:00An informal group photo - everyone, please be there.
Smile! The management warrants that this infernal machine will steal no souls.
12:00-1:00pmLunch - Sunset Dining Room
1:00-2:00Mobile Device Software/Hardware
Can you ping me now?
Machines Making Things
… and Things Making Machines.
The Future of Journalism and Publishing
No more pencils, no more books…
2:00-3:00Augmented Reality
Coming soon to a handset near you.
Things I was Told Not to Try at Home, but Did Anyway —OR— Pyrotechnics, Explosives and Other Good Things
Legal Update
News and views of the year in tech law.
Crypto, anonymity and more.
New Entertainment Media
Amusement marches into the future.
The Solid State of the Art.
If a hacker and a half can design a puzzle and a half in a week and a half, how many 4x3x2 Rubik’s Cuboids does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Walking cellphones, telesurrogates, etc.
From ideas and angels to markets and IPOs.
5:00-6:00Lightweight Video Production
Lightweight cameras and digital technology enable responsive, personal dynamic imagery.
Future Programming Paradigms
Redefining and reifying the paradigm of the parable of the model of the metaphor.
Software Defined & Secure Radio
DSP, spread spectrum, jamproofing and you.
6:00-7:30Dinner - Sunset Dining Room
7:30-8:15Re-Opening Session
More announcements and inverse human search engine.
8:15-9:15Fireside Chat
Adventures in industry, academia, and athletics
9:15-10:15Geographic Data Analysis
Where are we, and how do we know?
10:15-11:15Show and tell part 2
A second chance for those that missed Friday’s Show and Tell.
11:15-12:00Alternative Photography
It’s not your grandfather’s camera.
midnightBuffet (a late-night meal)
1:00am-??Birds of a Feather (BOF) sessions (Impromptu Sessions) including
A jam session following the main session
I can Name That Tune in zero notes…and play it!
Bring your instruments; we’ll play all night.

Sunday - 7 November

7:30am-9:00A light continental breakfast buffet
The 2 Steves, not the Fab 4; prehistory of the Mac; crazy projects
Projects and prospects, with a panel discussion.
Final Frontiersmen look at the landscape…from above.
11:00-11:15Reminder: Room checkout is 11:00am.
11:15-12:30Brunch — a buffet including breakfast and lunch dishes
12:30pm-1:00Contest Prizes, special giveaways, final announcements, awards, etc.
Maybe we won’t “get over it.”

For those registered for Sunday evening, enjoy the area but be back for dinner.

6:30-8:00Dinner and Special Sunday Evening Session
8:00-10:30Expanding, Engaging and Empowering Hackers
The future of our (sub)species.
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