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2009 Conference Agenda (suitable for the non-members part of this site)

This page is a brief summary of the 2009 agenda without details (e.g. session leader names). Each topic title is a brief word or phrase intended only to give a hint of what the session might be. The agenda will change both before and even during the conference. People attending the conference (members of this site) have access to a more complete and interactive agenda.

Friday - 6 November

4:00pm-6:00Questions of Identity in a Connected Age
7:30-8:15Opening session (including human search engine)
Greetings, introduction, announcements and human search engine.
8:15-9:30Making Things: Hands on Technology
9:30-11:00Show and tell part 1
11:00-12:00Innovation, Invention, and Creativity
midnightBuffet (a late-night meal)
1:00am-??Birds of a Feather (BOF) sessions

Saturday - 7 November

7:30-9:00amBreakfast buffet
9:30am-10:30Radio / WirelessMoney: Getting & GivingTBD
10:30-11:30Music TechnologyComplex Hardware: WTFRecent Advances in Science
11:45pm-12:00An informal group photo - everyone, please be there.
1:00-2:00Designing Sexy SoftwareMassive DataMicrocontrollers
2:00-3:00Developing for Mobile DevicesSpaceLong View in a Short World
3:00-4:00Medical and Health TechnologyWorkshops and SpacesPaleotechnology
4:00-5:00You Can Do This At Home NowInformation OverloadSelf-sufficiency
5:00-6:00Reverse EngineeringLasersNew Journalism
7:30-8:15Re-Opening Session (includes inverse human search engine) More announcements and inverse human search engine.
8:15-9:15Fireside Chat
9:15-10:15Green/alternative Energy
10:15-11:15Show and tell part 2
11:15-12:00Building Technological Equity
midnightBuffet (a late-night meal)
1:00am-??Birds of a Feather (BOF) sessions including A jam session following the main session
It’s not music until you actually hear some sound. Bring an instrument and we’ll play into the night.

Sunday - 8 November

7:30am-9:00A light continental breakfast buffet
9:30am-11:00PhotographySecurityStarting & Running Companies
11:00-11:15Reminder: Room checkout is 11:00am.
11:15-12:30Brunch — a buffet including breakfast and lunch dishes
12:30pm-1:00Contest Prizes, special giveaways, final announcements, awards, etc.
1:00pm-2:30Spectacular Failures and What We Learned

For those registered for Sunday evening, enjoy the area but be back for dinner.

6:30pm-8:00Dinner and Special Sunday Evening Session
8:00pm-10:30Looking Back … Looking Forward
There was a spark that has happened at the conference. It was most notable at the early stages, but it never died down. That spark needs to be kept alive, realized, and updated to be integrated to today. What was it about some of those exciting early days that really lead to huge developments that we now take for granted? Can we stoke those flames again? After building such fires, did we learn anything? etc. On the other side of the coin, the ones who have either found their own or are searching for new directions can help enlighten those who already have their ways confined by experience.
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