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Why should I attend the Conference?

One of the key aspects of this conference is that it is a catalyst for solutions to challenges and the creation of new ideas. Something special happens when a group of creative people from quite different fields get together to discuss interesting challenges -- they often come up with unexpected solutions. Flowing out of almost every year's conference something happens, some contacts are made, some ideas are formed, some project is initiated, some company is formed that changes the world.

Yes, there are many "computer people" attending the conference, but most of them have quite varied interests and expertise in other disciplines -- some of them were invited not because of their profession in computers, but for their experience in other things often having nothing to do with computers. People from varied disciplines have found this conference to invigorate their creativity and have found the variety of sessions and discussions to be helpful in their own fields.

This conference is for people who are "hands on", who "tinker", who find ways to do things that other people say is impossible... in all domains / professions e.g. computer hardware designers, musicians, genetics, neurology, medicine (medical devices, procedures, treatments), education, computer programmers, artists, dancers, toy designers, magicians, etc. We try to have a program that will have a wide variety of sessions appealing to many attendees. We actually have sessions that are added to the schedule during the conference because of what people are talking about in the halls and at meals.

Here's one person's answer to that question

"The conference for me is a way to come out of my daily life where I usually get to fit my unusual solutions and talents in to little bits and cracks in to a breath of fresh air. People can challenge my notions. Present me with whole new areas that I had neglected. Even if nothing directly relates, I come out of it with totally new approaches to problems I have been faced with that are hybrid notions brought up at the conference."