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When is the conference?

5-7 November 2021
It starts on Friday with the first session scheduled to begin at 16:00 (the registration begins at 13:00, but the sleeping accomodations won't be ready until 16:00 or so). The concluding session is Sunday ending at about 15:00 unless you've also signed up for the optional Sunday evening program which ends at about 22:00.

Picnic 15th August 2021

Special Dinner and Sessions Sunday Evening

We've got Sunday afternoon and evening sessions and events planned -- all as an optional extra-cost package. You can add this optional Sunday package either with or without a sleeping room. We'll have a smaller block of rooms available for Sunday night. This is a good chance to unwind a bit after the conference and to drive home the next day more relaxed... or perhaps to even see some of the area.

When do things happen?

We have sessions going almost continuously for the entire weekend from 16:00 on Friday through 15:00 or so on Sunday (although the optional Sunday program will have sessions going much later on Sunday, some likely after midnight).The sessions planned for and on the agenda generally start at 09:30 and end at 24:00. Some other sessions happen at all hours. These might be very informal get-togethers, and others are informal Birds of a Feather (BOFs) sessions that are placed on the agenda throughout the conference. It is not uncommon to have BOFs starting at 01:00 or 02:00. While there are people up throughout the night, many people end up getting some sleep between 04:00 and 08:00.

Because we have to schedule meals with the hotel, the meals are some of the only events that happen at specific times that are unlikely to change. We have dinner Friday at 18:00, a midnight buffet, breakfast Saturday from about 07:30 through 09:30, lunch at noon Saturday, dinner on Saturday at 18:00, and another midnight buffet on Saturday night. Sunday morning there's a light continental breakfast from 07:30 through 09:00 followed by a large buffet brunch at around 11:00 before the concluding sessions. For those signing up for the optional Sunday program, the dinner on Sunday will be at about 18:30 (check the agenda for the exact time of the Sunday dinner).

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